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04/23 2015

My Personal Fitness ‘Fads’

According to a wonderful blog post by Bankers Healthcare Group 360, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) was the most popular fitness trend in 2014, thanks in large part to the CrossFit phenomenon. CrossFit workouts, designed for a person to perform functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity, are said to enhance competency at Read More

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04/16 2015

Have a Cook-Off With Your Kid

One way to get your kiddos to eat healthier foods is to involve them in a cook-off or Iron Chef competition. It’s a sure-fired way to get them to eat their veggies. How It All Began This idea emerged when Luke, my 11-year-old son, told me he wanted to make his own soup – no Read More

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04/8 2015

I heart avocados!

Last week, I wrote about my inability to feel the love for kale. I have the opposite relationship with avocados. It was love at first bite. When are avocados in season? While California’s peak season for avocados is February – September, we get a year-round supply of this fruit, thanks to our friends in Mexico. Read More

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04/1 2015

I don’t like kale

  I don’t like kale. It’s out in the open, like a confession to the priest (though I’m not Catholic). I have tried kale a number of different ways – baked, sautéed, raw, in dishes, salads smoothies and as kale chips. And still, I struggle to feel the love. Why should I care? Kale is Read More

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03/24 2015

Learn How to Volley. And Love It, Too.

During the past year, I feel like I’ve become the master of let-downs, mishaps and disappointments. There are many days when I say, “I’m so due for some good luck, good fortune or plane ‘ole good news.” I know I’m supposed to face each challenge with confidence, as an opportunity to get a glimpse of Read More

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03/18 2015

The Continuing Saga of Snacks

Is ‘snack’ a four five letter word in your vocabulary? I am a big fan of snacking throughout the day as a means of managing my weight and controlling an otherwise ravenous appetite. Working from home greatly simplifies the snacking process, as I can walk over to the cupboard or fridge and grab a variety Read More

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03/4 2015

Healthy Fast Food: A Misnomer?

Just this past weekend, Luke saw a TV commercial for Carl’s Junior and said, “Look Mom, Carl’s Junior is now offering healthy foods.” Though he didn’t ask to try out one of their menu selections, he demonstrates the incredible power in advertising to youngsters. After all, the ad convinced my perceptive 11-year-old son of a Read More

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02/25 2015

My latest addiction: boot camp

What do all of these terms have in common? Burpees, squat jumps, dead lift, lunges, jump rope, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, swimmers, high knees, kettle bell swings, wall sits, medicine ball slams, treadmill sprints, row, planks  They are just a few of the challenging ingredients of a fitness boot camp. What is boot Read More

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02/12 2015

My Technology Fitness Faves

I have had many technology clients over the years, developing strategies to market their products and services – all seemingly to simplify and/or enhance professional and personal lives. Is it surprising that technology now permeates our fitness life, too? I’m a self-professed devoted and disciplined exercise geek, so I don’t need too many additional incentives Read More

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02/5 2015

Breathe Your Way to a Better Day

I recently did some research on the best ways to improve your health, perusing resources such as US News & World Report, WebMD, Natural Health Magazine and even Dr. Oz. I came up with a variety of things that were not so obvious: eat more grapes, have more sex, become a morning person, learn to Read More

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